Day: 22 December 2021

Interview: Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy on creating costumes for Sing 2

As world-famous designers and founders of acclaimed brand Rodarte, sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy have been at the forefront of fashion since the label’s inception.  Not just content dominating their own avenue, the sisters have branched out into the world of film, both as designers creating pieces for the Oscar-winning Black Swan and as directors…

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Film Review: The Matrix Resurrections toes the line between familiarity and freshness as it reconsiders reality

Few movies from 1999 can boast as much as The Matrix.  A groundbreaking effort, both in terms of its special effects and its allegoric mentality, The Wachowski‘s post-apocalyptic, philosophical action film pushed the boundaries of modern cinema, exceeding audience expectation in the process. Maintaining a cultural relevance in the decades since essentially allows such a…

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Interview: Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Jessica Henwick on The Matrix Resurrections

Nearly 20 years after it was released, The Matrix still remains a culturally relevant blueprint for which other genre films are based on.  Breaking boundaries and expectations in the decades since, with such bold efforts as Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending, director Lana Wachowski has returned to the very IP that launched a phenomenon with…

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