the crow

Interview: The Crow director Alex Proyas on navigating studio systems, AI use in films, and reflecting on I, Robot two decades on

Alex Proyas has long been one of Australia’s greatest directorial exports.¬† Biding his time between international and local fare – in the same sentence of his work you can mention 1994’s defining The Crow, the ambitious neo-noir sci-fi thriller Dark City, and the blockbuster Will Smith outing I, Robot – the filmmaker has made a…

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Interview: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn on career highlights, global foreshadowing and what she’s surprisingly recognised from

Though she was born in New York, was on the Broadway stage by age 13, and working in Hollywood only years later, securing roles opposite such talent as Matthew Fox (1994’s Party of Five), Jared Leto (Cool and the Crazy in 1994) Shannen Doherty (1997’s Friends ‘Til The End), and Jessica Alba (in James Cameron’s…

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First Impressions: Shudder’s Cursed Films should satisfy those that appreciate horror as both a genre and a temperament

As horrific as some things are on screen, behind the cameras can be even worse. ¬†Supernatural forces at bay have proven to be more than just fictional fodder if the lore of horror set stories are anything to go by, and Shudder’s own Cursed Films docu-series sets out to prove whether it’s fact or fiction…

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