Michael Biehn

Interview: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn on career highlights, global foreshadowing and what she’s surprisingly recognised from

November 4, 2022

Though she was born in New York, was on the Broadway stage by age 13, and working in Hollywood only years later, securing roles opposite such talent as Matthew Fox (1994’s Party of Five), Jared Leto (Cool and the Crazy in 1994) Shannen Doherty (1997’s Friends ‘Til The End), and Jessica Alba (in James Cameron’s […]

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Here’s everything we know about the new Alien film so far…

March 5, 2015

Neill Blomkamp will be directing While little is known about the plot at this point, we are aware that Neill Blomkamp will be directing the film. Blomkamp is well known for his film, District 9. He intends for the new project to be a sequel to James Cameron’s 1986 classic ALIENS, placing it as the […]

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