Scott Pilgrim

Interview: Brandon Routh reflects on Superman Returns and Scott Pilgrim‘s longevity

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…Brandon Routh! As one of very few actors to play Superman on film, and part of an even more exclusive club who have portrayed two heroes in the same universe, Brandon has thrilled audiences with Superman Returns, had adventures across time as The Atom in Legends…

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Interview: Director Edgar Wright on The Sparks Brothers documentary and if he’d ever make a musical

Dubbed as “your favourite band’s favourite band”, Sparks are the Californian-bred, European-stylised glam rock duo you don’t know you love yet.  As their documentary, The Sparks Brothers (read our review here), continues to screen across select Australian cinemas, Peter Gray caught up with famed director Edgar Wright to discuss the making of the film, why…

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Six Adaptations Worthy Of Their Source Material

Among many adaptations that tear you apart with their inaccuracies, terrible cast and terrible everything, there are adaptations that are worthy of their source and fans. The Iris will take you on a journey through the best ones. Gone Girl True to its bestselling source, Gone Girl centres on Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) whose life…

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