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Interview: Patrick Warburton on the projects he’s most proud of, his love of The Dish and surviving Disney Jail

You know his face, and you REALLY know his voice! From spinach puffs to spoons to Quahog hijinks, we all know and love Patrick Warburton! Amongst dozens and dozens of other roles, he’s starred in shows, films and games including The Emperor’s New Groove, The Tick, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Kim Possible, Get Smart, Men in…

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Interview: Brandon Routh reflects on Superman Returns and Scott Pilgrim‘s longevity

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…Brandon Routh! As one of very few actors to play Superman on film, and part of an even more exclusive club who have portrayed two heroes in the same universe, Brandon has thrilled audiences with Superman Returns, had adventures across time as The Atom in Legends…

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