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Film Review: Come True is ambiguous, menacing material undone by an unearned climax

March 12, 2021

The type of indie horror flick that has a lot of promising-enough elements for it to earn audience investment, Come True may ultimately culminate in disappointment – in fact, it’s downright frustrating – but an atmospheric dread and hauntingly effective score keep Anthony Scott Burns‘s intense feature on a more upward trajectory overall. At the […]

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Film Review: Invasion Planet Earth is bizarrely entertaining for all the wrong reasons

October 5, 2020

There’s a certain unique devotion that the sci-fi genre attracts that sets it apart from other thematic classifications within the realms of cinema.  And given just how much effort Invasion Planet Earth managed in order to be finished and released – 20 years of production, seven crowdfunding campaigns, and hours of pro-bono work from filmmaker […]

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Film Review: Happy Death Day 2U (USA, 2019) is just as much of a surprise as the delightfully twisted original

February 13, 2019

Just as much of a surprise as the delightfully twisted original – 2017’s Happy Death Day – Happy Death Day 2U is revelatory not because it improves on its predecessor’s horror temperament, but because it completely bypasses the slasher genre trope and cements itself firmly within the grounds of science-fiction. Given how much fun writer and director […]

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What will happen in Season Three of Stranger Things?

November 1, 2017

Spoilers for the first two seasons of Stranger Things follow. Read on at your own risk! Or just watch the show first. It’s seriously very good. It was just last year that Netflix introduced the world to Stranger Things, a science-fiction serial with a fond appreciation for Eighties pop-culture. Clever, scary and heart-warming, the series […]

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Film Review: Passengers (M) (USA, 2016) is far from the grand space opera many will be expecting

December 30, 2016

Similar to how the recently released Allied arrived in cinemas preempted by an action-heavy advertising campaign that proved somewhat misleading, Passengers is far from the grand space opera many will be expecting.  Instead of a sci-fi outing that’s more brawn than brains, Morten Tyldum‘s intriguing film is surprisingly simple, personal, and (mostly) effective. As we […]

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Five Indie Science Fiction Flicks Worth Catching Before Midnight Special

April 19, 2016

One of the reasons behind the enduring popularity of science fiction is that it’s a genre with plenty for both big blockbusters like Star Wars or Star Trek and smaller, more thoughtful films like the upcoming Midnight Special. In anticipation of Jeff Nichols‘ upcoming film, we thought we’d compile a collection of indie science fiction films that fans […]

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