Sam Worthington

Film Review: Avatar: The Way of Water is a visual, immersive spectacle that lacks a certain narrative thrill

Whilst there are those that will sternly attest that 2009’s Avatar was an impactful piece of cinema with a lasting relevance, there’s the equally valid counterpoint that beyond the special effects and its introductory lesson to the 3D technique it’s a movie that doesn’t have the emotional weight it so wants to believe it has. …

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Review: Sydney Theatre Company’s Appropriate is a remarkable and intensely significant production

Ever notice how families will remember events from their childhood differently? How a conversation, a situation or a person that seems so clear to you can be viewed from a completely different perspective by your sibling. This concept of selective memory is sometimes heightened after someone dies, our brains often choosing to focus on the…

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Preview: STC’s Appropriate has all the benchmarks of great theatre

With everything that occurred in the year that was 2020, Appropriate, directed by Wesley Enoch seems, well, appropriate. Written by the American playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, the play centres around a dysfunctional American family brought together by the death of their father. As they begin to sort through his belongings they struggle between a desire to…

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Mel Gibson’s directorial comeback Hacksaw Ridge reveals its first poster

‘When the order came to retreat, one man stayed’ are the words sprawled across the bottom of Hacksaw Ridge’s first poster, and give audiences a pretty good idea of the direction Mel Gibson’s latest film will take. Gibson will take the seat on his first film since Apocalypto in 2008, and tackle the true story…

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Tropfest turns 25, celebrates by becoming not for profit and introducing new agenda

After a few turbulent years, the world’s largest short film festival has announced it will become a not for profit business and will shift it’s focus to attracting more women filmmakers and introduce a board to promote the longevity of the organization. 25 years ago, John Polson and a couple of his friends stood outside…

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Go behind the scenes on Everest with this early look featurette

Last week the first trailer for Everest was released and it revisits the story of Into Thin Air that was both a published book and a 1997 tele-movie as well as the recent book release The Storms. The film stars Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhall, Australia’s Sam Worthington and Keira Knightley and directed by Baltasar Kormakur….

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