Our 23 favourite Sydney restaurants, bars and cafes of 2016

Why 23? Are you turning into Buzzfeed with your arbitrary numbers based on how much you can be bothered googling and presenting to your readers as some kind of faux-authoritative listicle they’ll share with their friends and be like “omgod dis so me fo’ real, fam. Sc-uhhh-reaming!”? Well, not quite. There has been too many…

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Review: Kittyhawk – CBD (Sydney)

It wasn’t hard to guess that the team behind Lobo Plantation would give Sydney one of it’s very best openings of 2016 – and that’s saying a lot, it’s been a huge year for food and drink around town – but what is surprising is the loose theme surrounding this new venture, Kittyhawk. The bar…

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The Lobo Plantation team open Parisian inspired small bar Kittyhawk (Sydney)

This past week, the team behind Sydney’s wildly popular Lobo Plantation, launched their long awaited second venture Kittyhawk, a 175 capacity cocktail bar which draws influence from the historic Liberation of Paris on August 25th, 1944. Co-owners Jared Merlino, Michael Hwang and Eddie Levy, worked alongside Alex Zabotto-Bentley from the award-winning design agency AZBcreative, to…

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