John Lithgow

Film Review: Daddy’s Home 2 (USA, 2017) is an unnecessary sequel constricted by its family-friendly mentality

Who ever would’ve thought the day would come that Mel Gibson would be re-established enough to earn himself a prime role in a family-aimed comedy?  Whilst the controversial figure has been steadily working over the least few years, either headlining under-seen projects (Get The Gringo, Blood Father) or co-starring in ensemble pieces (Expendables 3, Machete…

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Last call pitches: The Bellas reunite one last time in the Pitch Perfect 3 teaser trailer

Pitch Perfect, a comedy film about an all-female university acapella group, became a surprise hit at the box office back in 2012. As well as it’s sequel becoming the highest grossing movie-musical of all time in 2015, the franchise is most notably responsible for catapulting home-grown star Rebel Wilson into international stardom. The Borden Bellas…

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The most expensive series ever produced, Netflix’s The Crown, releases first trailer

Netflix has revealed the first trailer for their new original series The Crown, which has become the most expensive series ever produced. The first season of the ten-part series has had a production cost of about US$130 million , which is roughly about AU$169 million. The Crown has exceeded the cost of Game of Thrones and Rome with a per-episode cost of…

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