The Crown

Five new additions to watch on Netflix this December

November 30, 2017

December might be the one bringing us Christmas, but it seems like Netflix is bringing us the goods too! Being a busy month in every way, Netflix is bringing its own sleigh of new content. Here’s 5 new series and film additions to catch on Netflix this December. Dark – Season 1 Dark follows the story […]

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Netflix Review: In its second season, The Crown continues to delight

November 29, 2017

Aside from a Knighthood, the greatest honour a television personality, or programme, can receive is an Emmy. It provides one with a sense of prestige or grandeur, yet that brings with it the burden of maintaining that superiority throughout one’s lifespan. Gracefully, it’s a dilemma that this series takes in its stride. The year is […]

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Netflix’s The Crown delivers a trailer for its second season

August 14, 2017

The award-winning Netflix series (and famed as the most expensive television series of all time), The Crown, will return for its second season later this year – and now we have the first trailer ahead of its December debut. The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth II and her time spent as Queen of the United Kingdom. The show focuses […]

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TV Review: The Crown delivers what is currently missing from drama in television

November 14, 2016

It almost seems uncanny that Netflix‘s new royal drama, The Crown, would be released the same time that the drama in the US had been at its peak – and it has absolutely paid off. As I’m sure for many viewers, this series came as a well-received break from the real life drama unfolding on our […]

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First Impressions: The Crown (US/UK, 2016) is a captivating look behind the royal curtain

November 1, 2016

As the most expensive series ever produced, Netflix was sure to have the formula to successful television down pat. With the long-awaited arrival of new royal drama The Crown, created by Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon), this venture has certainly  paid off and done so in sophisticated style. The Crown follows the journey a young and newly […]

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The most expensive series ever produced, Netflix’s The Crown, releases first trailer

September 29, 2016

Netflix has revealed the first trailer for their new original series The Crown, which has become the most expensive series ever produced. The first season of the ten-part series has had a production cost of about US$130 million , which is roughly about AU$169 million. The Crown has exceeded the cost of Game of Thrones and Rome with a per-episode cost of […]

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