Halloween Kills

Film Review: Halloween Ends brings the iconic horror franchise to a close in the most unexpected manner

October 13, 2022

Despite the fact that last year’s Halloween Kills drove the chant home that “Evil Dies Tonight”, the contrary proved more accurate as the series’ central figure quite brazenly refused to go down with the bloody beatings he was afforded towards the climactic moments of David Gordon Green‘s divisive sequel. Said figure, Michael Myers, has been […]

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Interview: Andi Matichak on Halloween Ends: “This is the final conclusion. Let’s not be precious about it.”

October 11, 2022

After skewering the narrative of the Halloween films with the direct name-same sequel in 2018, David Gordon Green took a massive kitchen knife to all that had come before and created a brand new series within the horror franchise. After reviving the iconic Michael Myers for Halloween and Halloween Kills, the epic conclusion to his […]

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Interview: Jamie Lee Curtis and the cast of Halloween Kills on character dynamics, female representation and franchise emotionality

October 31, 2021

As Halloween Kills slices its way through Australian cinemas (you can read our review here), series scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and fellow cast-members Andi Matichak, Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards¬†participated in a global press conference – which our own Peter Gray was invited to attend – to discuss the character dynamics formed in […]

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Film Review: Halloween Kills delights in gory nonsense, but none of the atmosphere of its predecessors

October 28, 2021

As the flashing lights of fire brigades speed past a bruised and bloodied Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in the opening moments of Halloween Kills, it becomes all too evident that the haunting figure that is Michael Myers is far from vanquished; her desperate screams of “Let him burn” practically beg the oft-called ‘boogeyman’ to […]

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Interview: Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green on how classic cinema inspired him and the pressure of taking on an iconic horror franchise

October 27, 2021

After pushing 2018’s sequel-cum-reboot Halloween to record breaking statistics, it only made sense that writer/director David Gordon Green was handed a sequel to continue revelling in Michael Myers’ carnage. Not only granted a sequel – Halloween Kills – but a trilogy (Halloween Ends, set for a 2022 release) to boot, Green expanded on the violent […]

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The Boogeyman rises in new Halloween Kills trailer

June 28, 2021

Evil dies tonight. After slaughtering the box office in 2018, earning over $250 million at the global box office and setting a new record for the largest opening weekend in history for a horror film starring a woman – genre icon Jamie Lee Curtis – Halloween breathed new life into the four-decade long franchise. And […]

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