emerald fennell

The AU Review’s Best Films of 2023

In a year that was ruled by Barbenheimer and mortally wounded the once-unstoppable superhero genre, 2023 definitely saw audiences shift their minds (and money) towards more original content.  Perhaps an indication as to where the industry should place its focus, The AU’s best of list similarly echoes the sentiment that bigger doesn’t always mean better,…

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Film Review: Saltburn; Emerald Fennell’s psychosexual satire indulges in its own wickedness

The thematics of power and the consequences of privilege Emerald Fennell explored in 2020’s confronting Promising Young Woman are exacerbated in her wicked follow-up, Saltburn, which feels as if The Great Gatsby and The Talented Mr. Ripley were invited to participate in an orgy with Bret Easton Ellis and the cast of Euphoria in a…

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Film Review: Promising Young Woman is a delicious indulgence that will make your stomach churn

With an often bright, candy coated aesthetic that masks a darker, more poisonous taste inside, Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell‘s bold debut, is the type of delicious indulgence that will ultimately make your stomach churn. Headlined by a career-best Carey Mulligan (her performance sure to be a consistent contender come award season), Promising Young Woman…

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