Where to watch this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominated films in Australia

Whilst the phenomenon of Barbenheimer brought many people back to the theatres, there are still certain audiences who aren’t venturing out beyond their living rooms to see the latest films.  And if you, like so many others, are curious as to just why this year’s Academy Award nominated Best Picture options were the 10 titles…

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The AU Review’s Best Films of 2023

In a year that was ruled by Barbenheimer and mortally wounded the once-unstoppable superhero genre, 2023 definitely saw audiences shift their minds (and money) towards more original content.  Perhaps an indication as to where the industry should place its focus, The AU’s best of list similarly echoes the sentiment that bigger doesn’t always mean better,…

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Film Review: Oppenheimer is a dense, turbulent and immersive experience through one man’s genius psyche

You have to hand it to Christopher Nolan for convincing a major studio to spend $100m (USD) on a 3-hour long drama detailing the development of the atomic bomb and releasing it in the prime film season that is the US summer. Whilst the film itself will prove drastic counter-programming to its fellow ambitious release…

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