Charlie Heaton

Tribeca Film Festival Review: No Future‘s simplistic script is overcome thanks to committed, nuanced performances

With a title like No Future and a narrative detailing the recovery of addicts and the potential grief and fear of relapsing that comes with that territory, Andrew Irvine and Mark Smoot‘s drama isn’t exactly reaching for subtlety. It’s a simplistic script that takes few risks in straying from the expected, but superb, committed performances…

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Film Review: The New Mutants is painfully full of dialogue and not enough horror scares

The New Mutants was going to be Fox’s attempt at re-invigorating the X-Men franchise, or at least, it probably was before it got bogged in production issues and a merger with Disney. The film, now released some two years later, gets dropped into cinemas whilst a pandemic is happening, which is probably a metaphor for…

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It’s happening again! Netflix has released the first teaser and release date for Stranger Things Season 2

The worldwide phenomenon and modern cult-classic Stranger Things has finally teased its return, and OH MY GOD are we excited. Netflix has just released a mysterious teaser video on Twitter, as well as a brand new poster with the release date. The creature pictured is another look at what we saw in the teaser for…

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