Alice Braga

Film Review: Hypnotic is an enjoyable throwback thriller that embraces its genre nonsense

Watching Hypnotic and noting its mid-2000 mentality makes all the more sense when you know that Robert Rodriguez wrote the screenplay back in 2002, with the filmmaker calling it one of his favourite stories that he’s created.  It may have been written in 2002 but the film very much lives in the shadow of Christopher…

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Film Review: The New Mutants is painfully full of dialogue and not enough horror scares

The New Mutants was going to be Fox’s attempt at re-invigorating the X-Men franchise, or at least, it probably was before it got bogged in production issues and a merger with Disney. The film, now released some two years later, gets dropped into cinemas whilst a pandemic is happening, which is probably a metaphor for…

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Kriv Stenders’ Kill Me Three Times to tour Australia with Q&A screenings this August

Most films get a cinematic release and then, a couple of months after their run, are released to DVD for viewers to purchase and keep. In a different take on the release strategy, the new film Kill Me Three Times from Kriv Stenders (Red Dog) and starring Simon Pegg will receive a unique press tour and release…

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