Antonio Banderas

Say hola to the Puss In Boots: The Last Wish trailer

March 20, 2022

Talking to director Joel Crawford on the eve of the release of the trailer for the long-awaited sequel Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, the enthusiasm for the project was palpable. A storyboard artist for some of DreamWorks Animation’s biggest titles – he can claim his hand in such productions as Kung Fu Panda, Shrek […]

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Sydney Film Festival Review: Pain and Glory (Spain, 2019) is one of Pedro Almodovar’s best films

June 14, 2019

Viva Almodovar! If that opening didn’t clue you in, I am a huge fan of the work of acclaimed Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar. His filmmaking is an extravagant blend that is both wondrously idiosyncratic and entertainingly melodramatic; capped off with a colourfully vibrant eye. Even his supposedly disappointing films have won me over time, […]

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First trailer for The 33 sees Antonio Banderas front the story of the Chilean miners

October 19, 2015

Well, it was inevitable – a dramatic take on the story of the 33 Chiliean miners is coming to Australian cinemas in February. The likes of¬†Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche, James Brolin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bob Gunton and Gabriel Byrne are helping round out an impressive cast for The 33. The official trailer has […]

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