Guest Playlist: June Jones takes us through the songs she is listening to now

June Jones

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating artists currently on the scene is singer/songwriter June Jones. June has just dropped her sophomore album, Leafcutter. Self-produced, it’s a collection of highly personal songs, confessional in nature, often using her rich tones to help convey the emotions of the song.

Jones is a multi-faceted musician with many talents. Self-taught as a musician, self-taught as a producer, Jones recorded the album onto a laptop she bought off a dude in a McDonalds. Versatile and inventive, her creativity appears to be unbounded.

Her final single before the album was released was “Home”. In this track, she used the five senses to analyse the relationship she has to her body. It’s a reflection on her quest for self-love and acceptance of the body which houses her.


June has put together a playlist of songs that she has been crushing on recently. Take a read, fire up Spotify and listen in to this eclectic collection. June has some gigs lined up to celebrate the release of Leafcutter. Details are below.


SOPHIE “Immaterial”

This year we lost a true visionary. I don’t know what to say about her music that could do it justice. Her influence on pop and electronic music has been immense, and I know she will be an inspiration for generations to come. Her music reminds us that new and better worlds are possible. Thank you, SOPHIE.

Quay Dash “Queen of this Shit”

Produced by SOPHIE, this track goes so hard and I can’t wait to hear it at my next yearly visit to the club, when that’s a thing again. I’ve been following Quay Dash’s music since hearing “Shades On Top Down” in 2016 (you can find it on Soundcloud) and she is just so good.

Ivorian Doll “Queen of Drill”

From one Queen to another, Ivorian Doll was one of my musical obsessions of 2020. I’m in love with the ominous and tesselating drill production and the lines that never stop. I hadn’t listened to much UK rap before last year, but it dominated my most listened to playlists of 2020, with Ivorian Doll’s tracks up top.

ONEFOUR “Spot the Difference”

ONEFOUR is another artist that I heard for the first time last year, and I was blown away by this song from the first listen. It goes v hard, and they’re all such skilled lyricists and rappers, not to mention their music videos. The song ends so suddenly and I often find myself playing it on loop. My most listened to Australian act of 2020 for sure.

Slim Set “Solar”

So I only heard Slim Set for the first time a couple of weeks ago, but they’re my current musical obsession. Another hip hop act from Sydney, but they take their influence more from UK garage and grime than the drill of ONEFOUR. Their tracks are super playful and catchy in a way that keeps me hooked. Both Uncle Kal and DJ Atro bring the most to every track.

Katie Dey ” Leaving (Laura Les remix)”

I love this song by my friend Katie and I love this remix of it by Laura Les of 100 Gecs. (Full disclosure: Somehow, I have a track on this remix album as well). Between Laura’s distorted processing of Katie’s voice, and the choice of synths, this track seems to pioneer a new genre: Cosmonaut emo (and it’s my favourite genre).

SOPHIE “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye”

I remember listening to this song in 2016, before I knew SOPHIE was trans. It felt like nothing I had ever heard before. Nobody can make a synth go as hard as SOPHIE’s do. SOPHIE, Katie Dey, and Tami T are all pioneers of the Trans Girls Pitch-Shifting Their Voices For Vocal Autonomy movement (I just made that name up, but you get me).

Tami T “Princess”

Tami T is another trans visionary who I’ve been listening to since she had just a few songs online. This track is one of my favs off her album, High Pitched and Moist, which I was listening to on repeat while recovering from a surgery in 2019. I love her a lot, and hope I get to see her perform live with her MIDI dildo one day.

Geryon “Nerves” 

Geryon is one of my closest friends. We met 6 years ago when I had just come out as trans, but we later realised that we had played at the same house show when we were teenagers in 2008. They introduced me to SOPHIE’s work in 2016. Geryon is a musical genius and they have an album on the way, which I am SO excited for. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

SOPHIE “It’s Okay To Cry”

“There’s a world inside you / I wanna know what it feels like / I wanna go there with you / ‘Cause we’ve all got a dark place / Maybe if, if we shine some light there / It won’t be so hard / I want to know those parts of you” – Rest in peace, SOPHIE. Love you <3


Leafcutter from June Jones is now available via Emotion Punk Records / Remote Control Records. You can listen to it HERE.

You can keep up to date with June Jones on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify

June Jones has the following gigs coming up:
Friday, 23rd April, 8pm | The Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne | Tickets HERE
Sunday 25th April, 2pm | The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine | Free
Saturday, 8th May, 9pm | Vic On The Park, Sydney | Free

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