Exclusive Single Premiere: Trace Decay “Surprised At Something” (2020)

Melbourne duo Trace Decay have followed up on their recent single “Empty Handed” with “Surprised At Something” which is another beautiful slice of indie-pop. We are delighted to be premiering it prior to its release on Friday. From the guitars kicking off proceedings to the warm resonating vocals of Jordan De Pas chiming in, it’s all class. The harmonies offered by the other half of the duo, Jeri Karmelic are sweet and leave you wanting more. This is moody, emotive pop with buoyant leanings. At times the vocals remind me of Morrisey, but thankfully without the baggage.

Jordan talks about the inspiration behind ‘Surprised At Something’: “This song is about exploring self-awareness and gaining a level of introspection into the dynamics that play out around you, both physically and emotionally. It comes from the point of view of someone who can see toxic and unhealthy dynamics playing out in their everyday life, leading them to brazenly call out the fake bullshit through a dry/witty lens.”

The end chorus is “Who do you think you are now?”, and Jordan explains how the song builds to this:
“The emotional turning point comes at the end of the second verse when that same person who is calling out the bullshit realises; they do the same things in their life. It’s a moment of introspection, clarity and acceptance of their own hypocrisy which allows the track to lift in insensitivity when the last chorus hits with the line ‘Who do you think you are?’, which is now redirected inwards instead of outwards.”

The duo has had a busy 2020, releasing a number of high-quality singles, including “Sad Dance” and “Photobooth”. Their debut EP Monstrous Subconscious will be released on Friday, 11th December 2020. Keep on eye out for that one.

“Surprised At Something” will be released on all digital platforms on the 20th November (you can pre-save it HERE), but in the meantime take a listen to it here first.


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