Track of the Day: Trace Decay “Sad Dance” (2020)

Having sold out shows in their hometown Melbourne, up-and-coming duo, Trace Decay have released their latest single, “Sad Dance”. To date, the indie-rock pair have released two singles, “Hindsight” and “Passivity”. Gaining popular demand from multiple radio stations such as Triple J, Purple Sneakers and Abduction Radiation (USA).

The track presents a complex mixture of spellbinding beats tied in with a reflective message. An upbeat tempo is met with a morose set of lyrics and multi-instrumentalist Jordan De Pas’ pulsating the chords evoke a tasteful serving of angst. Emphasising the effects of being mentally drained by social concepts. Lead vocalist De Pas further explains the inspiration of the song:

“Everyone is so connected now and the idea of ‘alone time’ becomes increasingly difficult, which can severely affect someone’s mental state and leave them feeling fragile and somewhat sad. Thanks to platforms like Instagram, Facebook and email etc. we are now ‘open for business’ 24/7 and are expected to maintain our sanity. ‘Sad Dance’ shines a light on these experiences.”

“Sad Dance” is now available. Check out Trace Decay’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Danica Jones

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