Track of the Day: Trace Decay “Photobooth” (2020)

Earlier this year, Trace Decay’s single “Sad Dance” featured as our track of the day, and now the Melbourne-based duo return with another hit called “Photobooth”.

The pair deliver an intoxicating and sombre tone whilst the lyrics display themes of loss and heartbreak. Melancholic vocals echo throughout the song, bringing forth an uplifting chord and evoking a sense of freedom from a lost love.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, multi-instrumentalist Jordan De Pas explains:

“I needed to write this song to help me move forward with my life and stop hanging onto the past. Funnily enough the only reason I started writing this song was because I was going through my laptop and found old photos from a previous relationship which made me feel both sad and optimistic.”

“Photobooth” is now available. Check out Trace Decay’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Danica Jones

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