Exclusive Single Premiere: Melita “Crystal Logic” (2023)


Sydney’s Melita launched herself onto the scene last year with two well-crafted RnB bangers, “Delusional” and “Hearticulate”. The follow-up is the the high-octane “Crystal Logic”, a glorious infusion of soul, funk and RnB with a disco twist. We’re thrilled today to have the premiere ahead of its release on Thursday.

Melita grew up in a musical household, as she explains by the title of the track:  “The song title ‘Crystal Logic’  actually comes from the name of my Dad’s rock band from when he was a teenager. They landed on it by combining a popular ‘70s surf clothing brand, “Crystal Cylinders” and Steely Dan’s album, Pretzel Logic, who are a major musical influence on me too. 

Sonically, I am quite influenced by the ‘70s with this track fusing funk and disco with modern pop elements. After exploring a more mellow, soulful side in previous releases, I wanted to showcase a funkier, dance based side to my writing and production whilst still maintaining a heartfelt approach to my lyricism. “

The track was inspired by Melita’s drive to take control of her own destiny, rather than be dictated to by others. “Thematically, the song delves into the dangers of living a life ruled by other people’s emotions. Ultimately, I wanted the tone of the track to be celebratory as learning to listen to my needs and prioritize myself is something I’m getting better at.”

Melita recorded “Crystal Logic” with the aid of her brother, Alex Ertler, at their home studio in Sydney. John Ertler (Renee Geyer, Doug Parkinson, Marty Rhone) mixed and mastered the track.

“Crystal Logic” glistens and smoulders, bringing funky disco vibes. Coupled with a classy and confident production, this track is a clear-cut winner.

Get on board with this exciting young talent and take a listen to “Crystal Logic” from Melita.

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