Day: 9 December 2022


New Music Discoveries 9th December: Kaypo, Melody Pool, Adult Art Club and more

December is flying by, and this week we’ve added another ten tracks to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.  Brisbane singer/songwriter Kaypo has released the gripping “Help Me Out” and it’s our Track of the Week. We’ve been a big fan of Kaypo’s music since we premiered one of his earlier tracks, “Desert…

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BlueAnt XT120 Soundbar Review: Good Sound, Better Price

We recently took the time to review BlueAnt’s XT100 2.0 soundbar, coming away with mostly positive results, providing quality sound at an affordable price. Upon reviewing BlueAnt’s XT120 soundbar, this too feels like another step in the right direction, providing the same quality sound at an even more affordable price, at just AUD $279. The…

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Interview: Cam Gigandet on latest action film Black Warrant, being waterboarded, and intimidating co-stars

If you’re of the MTV generation then it’s safe to say you grew up with Cam Gigandet; and maybe you didn’t even know it.  A steady staple in the entertainment field heavy on catering to the teens and tweens of the 2010’s, Gigandet made a name for himself across the likes of such phenomenon as…

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Here’s when and where you can watch The Game Awards 2022

The day has come once again. The day where we decide for 2022, which games left the biggest impression on us. That being said, The Game Awards for 2022, are on later today, December 9th, but we’ve compiled a list of times to tune in based on your location, so you don’t miss a thing….

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