Tech Review: The BlueAnt X3i Bluetooth speaker provides both quality and value

September 27, 2023

I’ve checked out a few BlueAnt products over the years, including both Bluetooth speakers and soundbars alike, and can safely say that the brand is squarely focused on bridging the gap between affordable price points and competitive levels of quality. It is with that sentiment, that BlueAnt’s latest X3i Bluetooth speaker, comes out swinging, providing […]

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Tech Review: The BlueAnt X6 party speaker provides punch and value

June 30, 2023

BlueAnt is no stranger to the Bluetooth speaker game. While we’ve reviewed some smaller speakers in the past like the X0i and X1i, we now have the pleasure of checking out one of BlueAnt’s larger offerings. Valued at A$579, the X6 party speaker provides some impressive, balanced sound along with a laundry list of handy […]

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BlueAnt X1i BT Speaker Review: Solid sound, solid value

December 15, 2022

BlueAnt’s new portable speaker range has unveiled the X1i, and in line with our recent review of the smaller X0i Bluetooth speaker, aims to pack in as much sound as possible into a slightly larger package. It is with that sentiment that the X1i follows suit in comparison to its smaller sibling, that many of […]

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BlueAnt X0i BT Speaker Review: Small size packs a punch

December 13, 2022

BlueAnt’s new portable speaker range has unveiled the X0i mini portable Bluetooth speaker, aiming to pack in as much sound as possible into such a tiny package. Given its competition and comparisons to the JBL Go 3 in terms of price and size, the X0i provides 6W of power along with a IP56 Splashproof rating […]

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BlueAnt XT120 Soundbar Review: Good Sound, Better Price

December 9, 2022

We recently took the time to review BlueAnt’s XT100 2.0 soundbar, coming away with mostly positive results, providing quality sound at an affordable price. Upon reviewing BlueAnt’s XT120 soundbar, this too feels like another step in the right direction, providing the same quality sound at an even more affordable price, at just AUD $279. The […]

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BlueAnt XT100 2.0 Soundbar Review: Affordable Quality

November 10, 2022

Let’s face it; your TV’s internal speakers were never that great to begin with. Sure, newer and more premium units are including things like Dolby Atmos and integrated soundbars, but there’s nothing quite like boosting your TV with a dedicated soundbar, for both an increase in overall volume and sound quality. Enter the BlueAnt XT100 […]

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BlueAnt X3 Review: A reliable performer that’s 100 per cent Australian owned and made

December 15, 2020

A chunky 9,600mAh battery, a built-in power bank, and a punch 30-watts of power with an optional Bass Boost feature – what’s not to love about the BlueAnt X3? Well, it’s design doesn’t help the portable boombox stand out on a crowded market, although it offers enough to muscle around with the likes of JBL’s […]

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