Day: 19 October 2022

Interview: Izzy Heltai talks Austin City Limits, expectations, and his influences

Izzy Heltai is the kind of person you just want to give a hug and if you spend more than 30 seconds with him, it seems like you most likely are going to get one. It took one listen of “Day Plan” from his EP Day Plan (5 Songs Written 4 the End of the…

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Interview: Michael B. Jordan on making his directorial debut with Creed III

Having breathed new life into the legendary Rocky franchise as the son of Sylvester Stallone’s long-time rival, Adonis Creed, Michael B. Jordan drove the Creed films to critical and commercial acclaim. Now, five years on from 2018’s $200 million success Creed II, Jordan is both stepping back in and out of the ring, putting on…

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Key Out

Track by Track: Key Out take us through their magnificent Afterville

Last week Sydney outfit Key Out released their third album, Afterville, following on from 2020’s Anthropomorphia. Afterville is an album that should be on everyone’s playlist. Continuing on from where they left off with the last album, each track on this latest LP is a gem with lushly layered instrumentation. The vocals are warm and…

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Two Witches is the real deal: A Night of Horror International Film Festival Review

Two Witches is a gritty, realistic take on a beloved Halloween subject. Broken up into three parts (The Boogeywoman, Masha, and Epilogue), this witch horror pushes the envelope to some extreme witchy behaviour. As cited in the film, witches eat babies and worship the devil. They do both things in Two Witches and much, much…

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What Goes Unsaid

Book Review: What Goes Unsaid by Emiliano Garcia explores a family’s unspoken past

In his memoir What Goes Unsaid, critically acclaimed Mexican author Emiliano Monge has turned his attention to his own family tree and decided that it’s time to write about his grandfather’s deceit, and the affect it had on his family. In March 1958, Carlos Monge McKay drives to a quarry and fakes his own death. Four…

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