Film Review: Old is an embarrassing retreat in quality for M. Night Shyamalan

July 22, 2021

There’s really no other way to say it – M. Night Shyamalan‘s¬†Old is bad. ¬†It’s very bad. ¬†In fact, in some instances it’s downright awful! ¬†Mirroring the same career slump he experienced after the 1-3 punch of The Sixth Sense (1999), Unbreakable (2000) and Signs (2002) with such misfires as The Lady in the Water […]

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Film Review: Twist is a missed opportunity that wastes its impressive cast in the process

April 28, 2021

The teen-centric, modernised adaptation of classic literature is a road travelled before throughout cinema. ¬†Jane Austen’s¬†Emma was revamped for the Valley girl-focused Clueless;¬†Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew was the basis for Heath Ledger’s taming of Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You, and, however surprising it may be, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark […]

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