Day: 18 June 2024

Review: Bobby Mahoney – Another Deadbeat Summer (2024 LP)

New Jersey, probably unfairly, isn’t usually a name that immediately leaps out as a well-known producer of musical superstars. Yet the roster of huge hitmakers emerging from the garden state, from Frank Sinatra to Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, suggests there is certainly something in the waters of the Jersey Shore. Baptized in that water and…

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Fire F*cking Fire looks at women vocalising their truth in relatable, humorous short-length feature: Tribeca Film Festival Review

When Ally (Rachel Paulson) excitedly calls her bestie, Jess (Capri Campeau), in the morning-after scenario of a pinch-me like hook-up, she can’t quite believe herself when she announces that in her bed is a bona fide rockstar.  Better than hooking up with the high-school teacher she was obsessed with, and “gayer than Rihanna”, Ally’s bed…

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Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut provides the definitive way to play on PC

PlayStation is going hard with their ports from console to PC via Steam. This time around, the now classic Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut gets the port treatment directly from the PlayStation 5 version of the game, despite originally releasing quite late in the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle. While I won’t go into too much into…

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Exclusive Video Premiere: Libbianski “Too Many Fools, Not Enough Horses” (2024)

In April, New Zealand shoegaze outfit Libbianski released their gorgeous debut LP, Useless Splendour.  One of the standout tracks on the album is “Too Many Fools, Not Enough Horses”, and we are thrilled to be premiering the video today. This video is also a first for the band, with it being their debut video. The…

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Restless is an emotional and at-times torturous thriller: Tribeca Film Festival Review

The basic narrative at the core of Restless – asking how far one would go to maintain peace in your own home – is perhaps one of the most relatable, and it’s because of that potential familiarity that Jed Hart‘s dread-drenched thriller is all the more chilling. Whether it’s happened directly to us or we…

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