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Sundance Film Festival Review: Coming Home in the Dark is a menacing feature that doesn’t take full advantage of its eerie potential

It doesn’t take much for director James Ashcroft to create the most horrific of situations from the simplest of ingredients laid bare in the early stages of the eerie Coming Home in the Dark.  A loving family, an idyllic New Zealand locale, and a duo of passing strangers provide all that is needed for Ashcroft’s…

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Dubbed “weird, vile and sick”, the Sundance film The Greasy Strangler is touring Australia

Monster Pictures wants to invite Aussies to the weird and wacky, The Greasy Down Under Tour, showcasing the Sundance film The Greasy Strangler. Directed by Jim Hoskings, The Greasy Strangler, tells the tale of Big Ronnie (Michael St Michaels) who runs a disco walking tour in LA with his son, Big Brayden (Sky Elobar). The arrival…

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I Am Not a Serial Killer set for a limited theatrical release later in Australia

After premiering to rave reviews at the Melbourne International Film Festival last month and at SXSW earlier in the year, Irish director Billy O’Brien’s I Am Not a Serial Killer – based on Dan Wells’ best-selling YA novel – will now see a limited theatrical release in Australia this spring, with seasons in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane….

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