Jim Cummings

Interview: Jim Cummings on voicing your favourite characters, from Pooh and Tigger to Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Aladdin

“Tell the kid he’s got it,” said the legendary Mel Blanc with a smile, after listening to a young man’s first demo tape of cartoon character voices. The year was 1984, “the kid,” was Jim Cummings. Since then, the kid has gone on to give life and voice to some of America’s most beloved animal…

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The Beta Test is a twisted, pitch black comedic thriller: Sydney Film Festival Review

On the surface you’d be forgiven for assuming The Beta Test is just another film industry picture, spending its minutes somehow justifying its existence as it hones in on the obnoxious and obnoxiously wealthy Hollywood players who wrongfully assume they’re untouchable in their town.  The film has that air about it, but this satirical-cum-unnerving thriller…

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Buffy, Veronica Mars and more…all you need to know about Oz Comic-Con Brisbane & Sydney!

The Oz Comic-Con train is soon to pull into its Brisbane and Sydney stops this September and it’s bringing with it quite the enviable line up of television and film stars, as well as talented guests from the mediums of voice over, animation, comics, graphic novels and more! The announcements have been coming out left…

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