William Shatner

Review: Shatner’s World is a warm, funny and occasionally surprising evening with a celluloid legend (Perth)

Monday night saw William Shatner kick off the Australian tour of his one-man show Shatner’s World: The Return Down Under in Perth. It was an evening of warmth, humour and philosophical musings. All. Delivered. In. That. Distinctive. Cadence. However, it was also not without its surprises. For example, whilst Shatner is likely best known for his role…

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Buffy, Veronica Mars and more…all you need to know about Oz Comic-Con Brisbane & Sydney!

The Oz Comic-Con train is soon to pull into its Brisbane and Sydney stops this September and it’s bringing with it quite the enviable line up of television and film stars, as well as talented guests from the mediums of voice over, animation, comics, graphic novels and more! The announcements have been coming out left…

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