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KFC decide to go hard or go home with “biggest burger ever”

July 9, 2019

As part of the “Secret Menu” function on the KFC Smartphone app, the fast food giant has introduced what is being described as the biggest (non-customised) burger it has ever had. As always, Australia gets to be guinea pigs for this monstrous creation, which has now rolled out nationally. Dubbed The Triple Stacker, its a […]

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McDonald’s promises “improvements” for Big Mac, Quarter Pounder and Cheeseburger

May 22, 2019

Starting today, McDonald’s outlets across Australia will be the first across the globe to introduce some subtle improvements to the burgers that have made Maccas the dominant chain it is today. The classics, which include the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder and Cheeseburger, are said to have undergone a number of careful improvements to the way […]

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KFC is bringing exclusive free “chachos” to Melbourne

April 2, 2019

The fast food gods at KFC have been flirting with Mexican hybrid foods lately, birthing what they are describing as a “one-in-a-lifetime” special called “chachos” – obviously a portmanteau for chicken nachos. And it seems Melbourne’s late-night locals are going to be the lucky ducks to receive this unholy creation, as KFC pull up their […]

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Carl’s Jr opens first Melbourne stores as part of ambitious expansion

October 24, 2018

It has been two years since U.S fast-food giant Carl’s Jr opened their first ever Australian store in Bateau Bay on New South Wales’s Central Coast. It was a success, as was the steady roll out of stores that followed as part of a very ambitious expansion set to see around 300 stores open across […]

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KFC are giving away free fried chicken in Sydney this weekend

April 24, 2018

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of KFC in Australia, the behemoth fast-food chain will be posted up at Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney this Friday 27th April. Starting from 12pm on the day, they’ll surely be attracting some pretty crazy queues because they are giving away free fried chicken. Understandably, KFC Australia are expecting thousands […]

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Review: McDonalds’ 100 per cent Australian Wagyu beef burger isn’t all that special

March 27, 2018

McDonald’s have moved on up from Angus to something a bit more expensive, introducing a burger that they say is made with 100% Australian-bred Wagyu, upping their already stacked “Gourmet Creations” range with the Wagyu Beef Burger. Though it sits at almost double the price of a Big Mac, offered from the menu for a […]

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KFC re-launches the Double Shell Zinger Taco in Australia

November 5, 2017

KFC Australia is on a revival binge at the moment, putting a few long-forgotten favourites back onto the menu, much to the delight of fast food fans across the country. Recently it was the deep-fried greatness of gravy mashies, now it’s the Double Shell Zinger Taco. It’s pretty self-explanatory for those who don’t remember the […]

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Gravy Mashies: KFC bring back fried potato balls with a twist after huge demand

October 3, 2017

After almost a decade of online pressure and oddly passionate fan outrage KFC Australia have finally put something back on the menu that has been sorely missed: Gravy Mashies. For those who may not remember the fast food classic, they are basically deep-fried golden potato balls, and now they come oozing with gravy inside. Australians […]

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KFC has just added a zinger mozzarella burger to their Australian menu

August 8, 2017

Fast-food giant KFC, like most fast-food stalwarts, regularly uses Australia as a testing ground for new menu items. The latest: a brand spanking new Zinger Mozzarella burger, taking one of KFC’s most popular orders and slapping it with the most decadent of Italian cheeses. While it’s not a substantial change for what a zinger, it […]

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UberEATS to roll out McDonald’s home delivery across Australia this week

June 26, 2017

As of this Friday the fast food delivery game will see a big competitor enter the ring. Following the announcement that KFC will now deliver via Foodora it seems that McDonald’s is also about to make use of another mobile-first delivery app: UberEATS. With Uber’s food delivery service in it’s corner the fast food giant […]

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Asia’s popular Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart open first Australian outlets this month

December 19, 2016

Popular Asian dessert chain Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, which originated in Malaysia earlier this year, are said to turn over around 20,000 baked cheese tarts pet day. It’s this kind of popularity that has allowed for an easy and rapid expansion into other markets, and the latest to benefit is Australia with four stores in […]

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Japanese fast food chain HottoMotto opens first Australian outlet in Sydney

December 18, 2016

Following the successful entry of Yayoi into the Australian dining scene, Japan-based company Plenus have begun what they hope will be a nationwide expansion for another one of the popular brand’s, Hotto Motto. The well known bento box chain, which boasts around 2,656 locations world wide, has chosen Sydney’s The Galeries as their first port […]

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Guzman y Gomez plan to open drive-thru outlets across Australia in 2017

December 16, 2016

After being named fastest growing food chain last year, Guzman Y Gomez have designs on expanding their Mexican fast food beyond expectations come 2017, recently announcing at least 12 drive-through outlets to roll out across Australia over the next 12 months. As reported by The Australian, the popular Mexican chain [which honestly deserves the praise] […]

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KFC have created a scented candle that smells like fried chicken for some reason

December 7, 2016

“Why not make it smell like Fried Chicken”. No they are not the famous last words from KFC founder Colonel Harland David Sanders, but the reasoning behind a very odd product, spoken by CMO Kevin Hochman. It’s what he told Business Insider when approached about the very curious release of (extra crispy) fried chicken scented

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Domino’s have just launched their biggest menu change in seven years (Sydney)

September 18, 2016

House party delivery (or lonely Netflix/Stan session) staple Domino’s have just launched what they are touting as their biggest menu change since 2009, slapping the ‘gourmet’ label on their popular pizza range as well as introducing new toppings, sides, ingredients, and desserts. Naming their new menu “Taste the Colour”, the massive company have put a […]

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Oporto go boutique with small format stores, starting with Surry Hills (Sydney)

April 6, 2016

If you’ve walked along Devonshire Street in Surry Hills lately you may have noticed that Oporto is dramatically changing the way they do things, by introducing their first ever “pequino”, which is Portugese for “small”. The small format store is the first of many which will be rolling out over inner-city locations in Australia, marking […]

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KFC have introduced a black zinger burger to their menu for the next few weeks in Australia

March 22, 2016

In a surprising twist on a menu classic, QSR KFC have introduced what they are calling the Zinger Black Burger, jumping onto the trend of black burgers in a big way, but completely overhauling the classic zinger with a dark black bun topped with chilli flakes and nigella seeds, holding in some creamy mustard maple […]

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The first ever Carl’s Jr Australia is set to open tomorrow, Feb 2nd, in Bateau Bay, NSW

February 1, 2016

Fast food chain Carl’s Jr has finally made the decision to expand to Australia to compete with already established brands like Hungry Jacks and Mc’Donald’s, with their first ever store in this country opening tomorrow 2nd February at Bateau Bay near popular getaway destination The Entrance. The popular American chain, known for their big burgers […]

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McDonald’s Australia is now selling Big Mac Special Sauce in 500ml bottles for a limited run

January 24, 2016

Last year, fast food giant McDonald’s Australia started pushing exclusive 500ml bottles of their famous Big Mac Special Sauce to a selected few across the country, with the rest of the public able to get their hands on 25ml tubs from national outlets. But that was last year. In 2016, McDonald’s are taking the ‘exclusive’ […]

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McDonalds have announced when all-day breakfast will be available across Australia

December 2, 2015

This week, fast food giant McDonalds announced the timings for their highly anticipated (and long overdue) rollout of all-day breakfast. News dropped months ago that Maccas were trailing the concept, continuing the global trend of using Australia as a kind of testing ground for their new ideas; now the timing has been confirmed, and all-day […]

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