KFC decide to go hard or go home with “biggest burger ever”

As part of the “Secret Menu” function on the KFC Smartphone app, the fast food giant has introduced what is being described as the biggest (non-customised) burger it has ever had. As always, Australia gets to be guinea pigs for this monstrous creation, which has now rolled out nationally.

Dubbed The Triple Stacker, its a ridiculous and artery clogging beast made of three Zinger-coated chicken breast fillets, loaded with cheese slices and bacon, then slapped with both “Supercharged” and chilli relish sauce.

“We’re excited to continue giving fans new and innovative Secret Menu items and we really wanted to blow them away with an item like no other,” said Kristi Woolrych, KFC Australia CMO. “The Triple Stacker is as big and bold as it sounds. We know how much Aussies love a Zinger Burger, so it made sense we created something extraordinary for our diehard KFC Zinger fans”.

The burger is available for $12.95 and, as with all “secret menu” items, is only around for a limited time via the KFC App. More info on the secret menu can be found at kfc.com.au/secretmenu.

Photo by The Wolf of Eat Street

Chris Singh

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