KFC Australia

Recipe: KFC Australia shows you how to make a Zinger Parmigiana

June 23, 2020

KFC Australia doesn’t need excessive grease to go straight for the heart. Nope, all they need is to release an easy-to-follow recipe for a supercharged “Zinger Parmy”, taking the pub favourite and maxing it out with the chicken chain’s greatest fillets. Releasing the Zinger Parmy (it should be “Parmi” but the results should more than […]

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KFC have brought back their ungodly Zinger Pie

September 2, 2019

KFC have brought back their fan-favourite special Zinger Pie to all Australian stores nationwide, resurrecting a limited edition classic that the country hasn’t seen since 2013. Once again, the 100% ‘Straya creation will be available at all of KFC’s Australian locations for a very limited time, allowing people to get their mouths around the golden, […]

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KFC decide to go hard or go home with “biggest burger ever”

July 9, 2019

As part of the “Secret Menu” function on the KFC Smartphone app, the fast food giant has introduced what is being described as the biggest (non-customised) burger it has ever had. As always, Australia gets to be guinea pigs for this monstrous creation, which has now rolled out nationally. Dubbed The Triple Stacker, its a […]

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KFC is bringing exclusive free “chachos” to Melbourne

April 2, 2019

The fast food gods at KFC have been flirting with Mexican hybrid foods lately, birthing what they are describing as a “one-in-a-lifetime” special called “chachos” – obviously a portmanteau for chicken nachos. And it seems Melbourne’s late-night locals are going to be the lucky ducks to receive this unholy creation, as KFC pull up their […]

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KFC re-launches the Double Shell Zinger Taco in Australia

November 5, 2017

KFC Australia is on a revival binge at the moment, putting a few long-forgotten favourites back onto the menu, much to the delight of fast food fans across the country. Recently it was the deep-fried greatness of gravy mashies, now it’s the Double Shell Zinger Taco. It’s pretty self-explanatory for those who don’t remember the […]

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Gravy Mashies: KFC bring back fried potato balls with a twist after huge demand

October 3, 2017

After almost a decade of online pressure and oddly passionate fan outrage KFC Australia have finally put something back on the menu that has been sorely missed: Gravy Mashies. For those who may not remember the fast food classic, they are basically deep-fried golden potato balls, and now they come oozing with gravy inside. Australians […]

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KFC has just added a zinger mozzarella burger to their Australian menu

August 8, 2017

Fast-food giant KFC, like most fast-food stalwarts, regularly uses Australia as a testing ground for new menu items. The latest: a brand spanking new Zinger Mozzarella burger, taking one of KFC’s most popular orders and slapping it with the most decadent of Italian cheeses. While it’s not a substantial change for what a zinger, it […]

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KFC are launching a free food truck, debuting at Australia’s most remote music festival

June 27, 2017

Well, this is…strange. KFC Australia have tapped up the talents of renowned film, TV and events designer David Malek to create and help build a dedicated food truck, going by the obvious name of “The Colonel”. The truck comes with a working kitchen, even it’s own portable stage, towers, long tables and children’s slide, all […]

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KFC Australia to introduce home delivery service next month

June 20, 2017

It’s the speedy evolution of fast food this generation has always dreamed of. Australia has been left behind as the rest of the world introduces delivery services for the most well-known chains and frankly it’s left us a bit bitter. KFC Australia seemed to have realised this, hence the recent announcement that the chicken empire […]

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