Craig David

Live Review: Craig David, Ne-Yo & En Vogue bring the energy as “RnB Fridays Live” returns to Australia

October 17, 2017

Craig David has a new song about Instagram (it’s not good), TLC love Australia so much that they are coming back down under in 2018 (announced via a video package halfway through the gig), and Ne-Yo doesn’t nearly get the credit he deserves as a performer. These are just a few of the things we […]

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Conspiracy theories, paranoia and Craig David: Marty Smiley on new podcast It’s All Connected

December 20, 2016

Conspiracy theories. The fuel behind many a late-night Wikipedia trawls. We’ve all been caught up by the mystery and the oftentimes unexplainable; whether it’s the Illuminati, the existence of aliens, various assassinations or the incredibly far-fetched (Avril Lavigne is actually dead and a doppelgänger is in her place, Beyonce was never actually pregnant…), we love a […]

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Impressions at The Great Escape: Who made their mark at Brighton in 2016?

May 26, 2016

Heading to the UK last week, I had no proper idea of what to be expecting from The Great Escape. I had assumed it would be like SXSW but colder and by the beach, but aside from that, all I had to go on were stories from friends who’d showcased in Brighton in the past or […]

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