Connie Nielsen

Film Review: Role Play; Kaley Cuoco steadies familiar action narrative with proven enthusiasm

It goes without saying that the premise for Role Play is one that has been explored on multiple occasions.  The marriage-on-the-rocks-is-rocked-even-further-by-realising-one-half-is-an-assassin is a narrative utilised by such stellar genre examples as True Lies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Nobody, and to less grand effect in Apple TV’s recent misfire The Family Plan.  Role Play sits…

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Film Review: Nobody is aware of how smart it needs to be in order to sell its action-driven lunacy

A film like Nobody is inevitably going to be likened to similarly-themed actioners such as John Wick and Taken.  And that’s not a bad thing, given how well-liked those films are (or, in the context of Taken, at least the first one), with the middle-aged-man-defending-what’s-rightfully-his narrative proving an easy sell.  Nobody is perhaps the easiest…

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