Denzel Washington

Film Review: The Equalizer 3 sends off a commanding Denzel Washington in an uneven manner

With The Equalizer 3 promoting itself as “the final chapter” of a movie series I think many of us were surprised made it past the 2014 original, there’s an understandable sense of expectation when it comes to the packaged deal of star Denzel Washington, director Antoine Fuqua and screenwriter Richard Wenk. Whilst the first two…

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The Little Things

Film Review: The Little Things is an underwhelming disappointment; even with three Oscar winners in tow

The Little Things follows the story of Joe “Deke” Deacon (Denzel Washington), a world-weary deputy sheriff from Bakersfield, Kern County. He is called to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to collect evidence in relation to a recent murder. Most people are apprehensive of his presence due to the fact that he used to work…

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Film Review: Fences (USA, 2016) proves too faithful to the original stageplay to shine as a film

Films adapted from a stageplay have always offered mixed results. While we have classics like Chicago, Glengarry Glen Ross and Sweeney Todd, we often have disasters like Rent and Mamma Mia! The reason for this is either because the stories of these plays or musicals do not have enough cinematic potential to succeed as a film-viewing experience or…

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Denzel Washington’s moving new film Fences gets a trailer

Denzel Washington‘s film adaptation of the critically acclaimed play  Fences, in which he directed, produced and stars, alongside Viola Davis (The Help, Suicide Squad) has just been released. Washington and Davis reprise their Tony Award-winning roles as Troy and Rose, a married couple who face personal and societal struggles in a lower-middle-class black section of Pittsburgh during…

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Get your first look at Viola Davis and Denzel Washington’s Oscar contender Fences

Set amongst the racial strains of 1950’s Pennsylvania, Fences is making its big screen transition at a time most relevant. The play by August Wilson won both Viola Davis and Denzel Washington Tony Awards back in 2010 and will make it’s cinematic premiere with Washington in the director’s chair. The play almost became a film…

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Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington’s The Magnificent Seven gets its first trailer

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Westerns that start with ‘the’ and end in a number of gun-slinging bros. Following Quentin Tarantino‘s latest meticulously-curated bloodbath, The Hateful Eight, and Netflix’s Adam Sandler vehicle, The Ridiculous Six, comes The Magnificent Seven. Based off John Sturges‘s 1960’s classic of the same name, The…

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