Kaley Cuoco

Film Review: Role Play; Kaley Cuoco steadies familiar action narrative with proven enthusiasm

It goes without saying that the premise for Role Play is one that has been explored on multiple occasions.  The marriage-on-the-rocks-is-rocked-even-further-by-realising-one-half-is-an-assassin is a narrative utilised by such stellar genre examples as True Lies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Nobody, and to less grand effect in Apple TV’s recent misfire The Family Plan.  Role Play sits…

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Series Review: Based On A True Story is a darkly comic satire on society’s obsession with true crime podcasts

To say society has a fascination with true crime would be putting it mildly.  No longer just contained to a select audience who got their grisly fix on news-skewered programs, true crime – or, more specifically, murder – is now a multi-million dollar business in itself, cornering the market on books, podcasts, docuseries’ and the…

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Film Review: Meet Cute; a time travel comedy you’ll want to go back and warn yourself from watching

Live. Date. Repeat. The ideal first date and that titular mentality that so many romantic comedies bank on is a concept that, in real life, we wish could be so cinematically charming.  And the idea that a film would take such a concept and build a time travel-influenced narrative around it sounds incredibly promising.  What…

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