Track of the Day: Jack Grace “Daydreaming” (2020)

Jack Grace has relocated from Sydney to Paris and continues to make inspiring music from the French capital. He has just released his latest single “Daydreaming”, which follows on from “A Ribbon” which was released earlier this year. “Daydreaming” is musically sparser in style than “A Ribbon” but if ever there was an argument for ‘less is more’ then this is living proof.

It feels like he is standing in the shadows, avoiding the limelight,  with his hauntingly beautiful vocals captivating and delivering a gripping evocation of his desires to reunite with a loved one.

About the genesis of the song, Grace writes, “I’ve heard people talking about how ‘songs fall out of them’ this was the first time i’d ever experienced something remotely close to that feeling. I remember thinking after I wrote it that I didn’t know if the song was any good but I knew that it reflected that moment accurately and the moment was good, melancholy good.”

Grace is one of those immensely talented, multi-skilled talented musicians.  He has worked as a producer, writer, arranger and collaborator in various guises with artists such as Ngaiire, Buoy, Eliott, Paul Mac, Japanese Wallpaper and Oscar Key Sung. His touch can be felt in so much indie output in the last decade or so. It’s a treat that he gets behind the microphone himself from time to time to create songs like this.

Enjoy the beauty that is “Daydreaming”


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