Album Review: SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Coup de Grâce (2024 LP)

Since their formation in 2016, SeeYouSpaceCowboy has been a force to reckon with, led by the enigmatic Connie Sgarbossa, whose life experiences form the heart and soul of their music. Through themes of existential angst, addiction struggles, and the depths of mental anguish, Sgarbossa fearlessly delves into her pain with unflinching honesty. This raw vulnerability, paired with the band’s eclectic mix of sasscore, punk, mathcore, and metalcore, has consistently delivered profoundly moving and intense listening experiences.

Their latest offering, Coup de Grâce, marks their third album following the unapologetic narratives of The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds (2019) and The Romance Of Affliction (2021). However, in a departure from her previous personal revelations, Sgarbossa adopts a new approach, crafting narratives through fictional characters within a noir-inspired world of her creation.

The opening track, “Allow Us To Set the Scene,” introduces us to the album’s vintage vibe with old-time sounds and a spoken word intro. The transition into heavier elements is marked by screaming vocals, which, while not everyone’s cup of tea, add a grungy and industrial flair to the track. “Subtle Whispers To Take Your Breath Away” follows with a blend of acoustic intros and intense drum beats reminiscent of early Paramore. The interplay between normal vocals and screams creates a dynamic contrast that keeps the song engaging.

“And the Two Slipped Into The Shadows” dives into intense territory right from the start, drawing comparisons to early 2000s emo bands like Panic! at the Disco and Paramore, with the addition of heavier instrumentals and screaming vocals. “Red Wine and Discontent” stands out with its muffled vocals and diverse instrumentation, once again evoking memories of early 2000s emo bands,  and the track’s industrial sound adds depth and complexity.

“Lubricant like Kerosene” follows, featuring Kim Dracula. This one showcases a catchy guitar riff and a variety of melodies, keeping the listener hooked with its twists and turns. The song’s pace changes and instrumental breakdowns make it a personal standout on the album. “Respite For a Tragic Tale” serves as an interlude, bringing a soft piano and spoken word combination that recalls the album’s introductory vibes.

“Silhouettes In Motion” once again brings high energy with clapping and electric guitars, blending screaming and melodic vocals effectively. The chorus stands out as one of the album’s highlights. Next up is “To the Dance Floor For Shelter”, featuring Courtney LaPlante. This one starts slow and builds up to a melodic chorus with background screams, creating a balanced yet intense listening experience. LaPlante’s vocals towards the end add a lovely touch. “Rhythm and Rapture” is next, featuring nothing, nowhere. This one yet again channels a Paramore vibe with stripped-back instrumentation and clean vocals. This one is my absolute favourite on the record, a fun and energetic track- no notes!

“Sister With a Gun” leans heavily into screaming vocals, offering a familiar but less innovative sound compared to other tracks on the album. Following this is “Chewing the Scenery”, which again follows a similar formula with soft intros leading to intense breakdowns and screaming outros, maintaining the album’s energy but lacking in diversity. At this point in the record it would be nice to have something a little different to spice things up, and these tracks are so similar that they run the risk of blurring together in the listener’s mind.

I always love an epic-sounding closing track, and “Curtain call,” doesn’t disappoint. It showcases dreamy vocals and acapella moments, with stunning instrumentation, before (of course) bursting into screams and grungy guitars, providing a fitting end to the album’s journey.

Coup de Grâce presents a captivating musical experience, and really is a great album. Drawing inspiration from early 2000s emo pop punk, evident even in the track titles and noir-inspired feel, and infused a heavy metalcore influence, the album offers a delightful fusion of genres. While a few tracks may not stand out as much, overall, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable listen that showcases the band’s versatility and creativity.


Coup de Grâce is out now