Track of the Day: Jack Grace “A Ribbon” (2020)

Sydney-born, now Paris-based artist Jack Grace, has released a really lovely moody track, “A Ribbon”. It’s been a while since we had any new music from Grace, as his last offering was the EP If I Tremble in 2018. He is a man of many talents, being highly accomplished at producing, arranging, collaborating and songwriting. Grace is one of those artists that has garnered the highest respect from those within the industry. He has worked with the likes of Ngaaire, Buoy, Elliot, Paul Mac and many more.

His warm hazy vocals in this are kept restrained, with the lush production carrying them along. The crescendos are well-placed and there’s plenty of light and shade in the beauty that is “A Ribbon”. It’s a song which leaves you wanting more.

Grace describes the meaning behind the song: “A Ribbon deals with nostalgia, homesickness and mixed feelings about growing up with small-town aspiration. The day I wrote it, I had this sensation that we were slowly waking from a hazy post-millennial suburban dream. Lots of things they told us growing up didn’t pan out how we thought they would and there’s been hope and people lost along the way. A Ribbon (Of A Modest Cold Suburbia) refers to that little piece of silver lining I’m hanging onto.”

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Bruce Baker

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