Track by Track: The Money War takes us through their EP I Don’t Hear You Anymore

The Western Australian-based duo, The Money War has released their EP, I Don’t Hear You Anymore today. 

The duo, Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper note that the EP is about love, loss and the desire for self-expression. With authenticity at its core, the compilation addresses their innermost thoughts and emotions amidst the trials and tribulations of raising three young children.

With its endearing lyrics, sincere vocals, and warm melodies, a prevailing atmosphere of warmth emerges as you listen to I Don’t Hear You Anymore. To commemorate the beautiful indie-folk release, The Money War has crafted a track-by-track breakdown, providing a unique perspective on the songs.  So, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in this wonderful EP. 

The Money War – I Don’t Hear You Anymore – Track by Track 

“I don’t hear you anymore”
Dylan: I’d been thinking alot about where I was at in my life and how I’d got there. I think when I was younger I’d just do things without too much consideration about what was motivating me, and now I think alot about it. Things which I thought were coming from a healthy place maybe had intentions that were being disguised as good intentions, and maybe they just changed over time. I think the line is blurry and things aren’t black and white. This song is about that – something that once seemed so pure and guided that now feels wrong.
“Was it Ever Really Anything?”
Dylan: Written and recorded with the mega talented James Seymour (Feelds). We wrote this one last year when I was over in Melbourne for a writing trip. It is essentially what we did in those 2 hours – just some great chemistry that felt great right off the bat.
Carmen: When Dyl brought the song to me it was just one verse and a chorus, so I wrote another verse from my perspective. We all really loved the song and wanted it for our own projects so we decided to do a collaboration, which was the first collab release we’ve done. I think Dylan and James are both gun producers so it was a great match, I think its my favourite song on the EP.
Dylan: I’ve always been obsessed with this idea of ‘lost classic’. Songs that get rediscovered decades later or are hidden gems you find in an artists’ unreleased demo catalogue. Songs that could have been hits in the 60’s but got lost amongst the noise. In a way that’s kind of the feeling that TMW is built upon. We wanted Ride to feel like that – romantic, rough around the edges, underproduced like you’re hearing a demo that wasn’t meant to be released publicly.
Carmen: We’re at a point in our lives where things are pretty chaotic with raising a young family and trying to juggle a few different projects. I sometimes find myself wishing away the time and dreaming of the day when we have our freedom back. To me, this song is a good reminder to enjoy the present moment because we’ll look back on it fondly, I hope!
“Somebody Loves You”
Dylan: Another hallmark of TMW I think is the optimism that’s in a lot  of the songs. This is definitely something I miss about music from the 50’s-70s. It was often simple and soulful and from the heart and there was often an optimism to it. Although our songs usually have an optimistic spin on them, they generally come from a place of yearning and the music is the resolve. That’s how I see this song. Like a letter to anyone that feels they aren’t loved. Everybody means something to someone.
Carmen: It’s easy to get caught up in your own little bubble and this song is a reminder that everyone has their own network of relationships behind the scenes. It’s like when you have that sudden realisation that someone you know as a grandmother, is also someone’s daughter or sister – there’s always a bigger picture.

Justin Stewart Cotta

I Don’t Hear You Anymore is out now on your favourite streaming service

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