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Concrete Surfers

Brisbane rockers Concrete Surfers have just released their latest banger, “Driving”. With howling vocals, ripping guitars and a knock-out beat, this is a kick-arse tune. The song examines how we manage the challenges which we face daily. This is classic garage rock.

They are a band with a purpose, using their hard-hitting rock prowess, and lyrics that address issues that are dear to them. Coupled with a high-energy live act, they are yet another exciting band to emerge from Brisbane.

To celebrate the release of “Driving”, the boys have put together a playlist of their favourite songs to hit the road to. They have diverse tastes. There are some classics there, and a few surprises. Check it out.

Also, the band has some gigs organised in Sydney, Adelaide, Wollongong and Melbourne to celebrate the release of “Driving”. Check below for dates.





Q Lazzarus “Goodbye Horses”
This song has always reminded me of transportation in some sense. I’m pretty sure The Singer ‘Q Lazzarus was a taxi/bus driver when the y recorded the song too! As well as that it’s in the skate 3 soundtrack which is one of the best video games of all time (I’m not really a videogame person but this game slaps). When the chorus comes in the lyrics just make me feel free in my car and on the road.

Joy Division “Disorder”
There’s something about Peter Hooks bassline that smashes the speakers in a pleasing way I put this on repeat when it comes on in the car. I love the rushing feel of the tempo too which makes me wanna drive faster than I should (Still under the speed limit).

A. Swayze & the Ghosts “Reciprocation”
This one is a great listen while driving from a great Australian band. The length makes it’s great as you can play it 6 times in a row and be on the Gold Coast from my house. The balance between the progressive and drone elements make this one super interesting and help me take my mind off traffic in peak hour too!


Ween: “Ocean Man”
Coincidentally many times my playlist has queued this song when I find myself in quite stressful driving situations (lost in the middle of the CBD.) It always seems to take the edge off and put a smile on my dial – no matter how shit the traffic is. It’s stuck ever since, kind of therapeutic? CHORUS, CHORUS, CHORUS. I love the simplicity of the drums. It reminds me how important it is to leave space in songwriting, and just how fun a backbeat can be. I reckon if they made a half-hour extended version, you wouldn’t notice.

The Thermals “A Pillar Of Salt”
SKATE 3. If you know, you know. This song brings me back to knocking off school early and skating 5 kilometres down to the local (Capalaba) skate park with a massive group, in ‘V’ formation. Followed by spending countless hours playing SKATE 3 on play station with no regrets. This was always my favourite song on the soundtrack. Dynamically the song is a wall of sound from start to end; the guitars sound like they’re about to explode and so do my car speakers when the lead break comes in. If there wasn’t a speed limit and it was safe to do so; this is the song I would put my pedal to the floor to.

Paul Simon  “You Can Call Me Al”
This one’s got to be on the playlist for a 13-hour drive to Sydney; four dudes cramped together in a Mazda 3 with guitar cases on our laps fighting over the middle seat – It’s such a sing-along happy song. No doubt a long drive morale booster. The amount of percussive texture and flavors that have been squeezed into this banger is bloody amazing (especially the reverse bass solo) and in the car it creates such a 3D stereo experience that no one is missing out on. Absolute classic.


Queens Of The Stoneage “No One Knows”
This one’s probably the QOTSA song everyone and their dog knows, but for good reason. It’s the tight syncopated rhythm section combined with Troy Van Lewen’s wacky lead work that really make this song slap, always has me driving my car with purpose. Definitely a Highway Banger.

Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Ever seen Wayne’s World?

War “Low Rider”
This track chugs along nicely, kinda like a slow arvo drive. Not just because its associated with Cheech and Chong, and low rider Chevy’s, but because it has everything a song needs; Cowbell, Horn section, Timbales and a cruisy feel. Really does make you feel like you’re cruising in a Low Rider (as close as we’re gonna get).


David Bowie “Moonage Daydream”
I also pumped this in my mums car, but I’m singing heavy and annoyingly out loud Bowie is my favourite and love the tune

Cold Chisel “Flame Trees”
It’s the ultimate driving song full of stories and memories about travelling down the road staying at pubs and playing clubs. Awesome.


Concrete Surfers Driving Tour:
Sunday, 2nd May | Fortitude Hall, Brisbane | Duniespalooza | tickets HERE
Saturday, 8th May | Marlborough Hotel, Newtown | Free
Sunday, 9th May | Wollongong North Hotel | Free
Thursday, 20th May | Leadbeater Hotel, Richmond, Vic | Tickets HERE
Saturday, 22nd May | Crown & Anchor Hotel, Adelaide, SA | Tickets HERE

“Driving” from Concrete Surfers is out now. You can keep up to date with Concrete Surfers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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