Guest Playlist: Sarah Yagki takes us through the songs that influenced her

Sarah Yagki

Sydney’s multi-instrumentalist alt-pop artist Sarah Yagki last month released her latest single, “Can’t Hardly Lie”.  This is an emotive track, reflecting on a relationship that ultimately ended. Sarah has a voice with great range and power, and she uses it so effectively in this track showcasing all the feelings.

This is a track that swirls, rallies and rages. “Can’t Hardly Lie” will have you pumping your fist with her vocal energy and strength, coupled with precision drums and sophisticated electronic production.

Sarah says of the track “’Can’t Hardly Lie’ is a track that I harnessed all my emotional energy, from love to pain to anger and regret, into a track and sculpted it to reflect this. It is, to date, my rawest song based on a personal experience in a relationship, and how I rediscovered and found my own sense of self and strength in it.” 

The track was recorded at Obseen Recordings in Bowral, and produced by Nick Sumsky and Sarah. It was mastered by Klaus Hill.

To celebrate the release of “Can’t Hardly Lie”, Sarah has shared with the AU, some of her favourite tracks, and particularly those that she has drawn influences from.

It’s an interesting diverse mix of songs, with some absolute gems. Take a listen, and read her thoughts on these ten tracks.


Mystic Kito “After Summer”

I have had this song on repeat since its release – amazing both live and listening to on a car drive home – this song is an absolute banger and is another band my pianist Benjamin Maker features in, along with a bunch of other talented musicians that make this band.

Tayla “Lost On You”

Smooth, melodic, and with a voice like an angel – Tayla really brings an arrangement of soft, indie-pop that is addictive in its melody and backing vocals that colour the track.

Chelsea Warner “Drama”

Another killer female singer & multi-instrumentalist that genre-blends her influences of R&B, Pop into the slick instrumentation of this addictive track.

Little Green “Mothers Daughter”

The lyrics, instrumentation and blend of sounds that create this distinctive track is an awesome one from Little Green – one of many killer tracks!

Yawdoesitall “Test Drive”

Yaw’s distinctive flair is embodied in this track that is truly, and uniquely Yaw.

Loretta “late night”

Loretta was the last concert I saw before our initial lockdown in 2020, and let me tell you the energy, bounce and addictive male lead vocals are incredible.

Chase Zera “Over Here”

Need something to boogie to over lockdown? Anything and everything Chase Zera.

Mystic Kito “Cold Shoulder”

Yes, there are two songs by Mystic Kito here – you will understand why once you listen – they are incredible.

Jeremy Zucker “18”

This feels like it should be the theme song for a late 90s teen rom-com and I am not mad about that.

Chymes “Dreaming”

Dreamy, smooth and addictive.



“Can’t Hardly Lie” from is out now. You can follow Sarah Yagki on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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