Guest Playlist: Oly Sherman shares the songs that influenced his new track, “Lush Lyfe”

Oly Sherman

Sydney singer-songwriter Oly Sherman has dropped a new track, “Lush Lyfe” featuring hip hop artist KP Hydes. What might seem like an unlikely collaboration, this is one in which the respective contributions from these two artists are fused together seemingly effortlessly. The laid-back sunkissed energy provided by Sherman is melded with the hip hop of Hydes. This is a winning combination.

Sherman talks about how it came to be: “It’s a weird thought that this is my first actual collaboration track. I’ve known KP for a while now and always wanted his type of energy on one of my songs. He came over for a few drinks one night and I asked if he would be keen on rapping on this drum beat/guitar rhythm I had recorded a few weeks earlier. He was amazing. The song’s structure literally took an hour or two to put together.”

The track was recorded between Oly’s home studio and Kiln Studios in St Peters.


Sherman has put together a playlist of tracks that sit alongside the vibe of these melded influences. This new track, “Lush Lyfe” has been built to happily coexist with the tunes on this playlist.

The Moose Outfit (ft. Truthos Mufasa & Black Josh)  “Sit Back”
Listen to this song as a whole, and you’ll feel it as a whole project, not just a song.

2nd Exit “If You Wouldn’t Mind”
Just love this songs minimalism. Drumbeat, rapping, and jazz chords, that’s all.

Remi “XTC Party”
A song that I believe that’s purely made for a fun time. So much energy.

KP Hydes “Home Alone”
My good man who I was lucky enough to have on this track. This is my fav from him.

Little Simz, Yuna “Pink Youth”
Little Simz has one of the most unique flows I’ve ever heard. Can recognize her voice from almost anywhere.

Raury (ft. Big K.R.I.T) “Forbidden Knowledge”
One of those rap songs that has a verse in it that I just couldn’t get out of my heard. Also raps about really serious issues against the black community in which he grew up in.

Denzel Curry, Twelve’len, Goldlink “Black Ballons”
A rap song that’s made for its chorus. Always, always sing along to this one.

Anderson .Paak “Winners Circle”
Paak has been one of my favourite artists for the last 5 years or so, and this song of his has definitely more of a chilled-out vibe to it, which is what I wanted in my song.

Denzel Curry, Lord Lu C N “Blueblood”
This is peak Denzel if I’m honest and is probably my favourite rapper of all time.

BJ The Chicago Kid, Anderson .Paak “Feel The Vibe”
This song is all about that drum/bass rhythm.


“Lush Lyfe” is out now.  You can follow Oly Sherman on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and his Website

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