Fletcher Gull shares the art that inspired his debut album Songs From Before

Naarm/Melbourne folk artist Fletcher Gull is mysterious and insightful on his intriguing debut album Songs From Before, released 22 September. The 10-track project explores indie-pop soundscapes with poetic storytelling in a reflective time capsule of his life thus far.

Featuring the singles “Light Up” and “She Knows”, Songs From Before comes after the 2022 EP Ancient History Shares a Knowing Smile and builds on a unique catalogue. Produced by Luke Bertoz and mixed by Bradford Krieger, the record is described by Gull as a “a collection of songs from before my descent into madness and back again”.

We had Fletcher share some of the art that inspired Songs From Before with us, from music and film to literature and visual art.


It’s Such a Beautiful Day (Movie)

Inspired “Light Up” and generally makes me so thankful to be alive.

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl

This book was a big inspiration for “On the Outside”.

Watership Down – Richard Adams

This story is rooted deep in my heart and I see it everywhere I go. It sort of permeates everything I do now.

The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt

Helped me to accept the humanity in people, as well as myself. Changed my life bigtime.

The Flaming Lips

My biggest inspiration for production and noises. Always fifteen steps ahead of the curve.


Alex G

Gave me faith that there is a place for beautiful and honest music in the modern world.

Vinland Saga (TV show)

This show deals with the human experience in exactly the way I want to with my music.

The Beatles

There’s a little Beatles behind every hook and line.

Edgar Allen Poe 

I think he has a general impression on my lyrics and writing style. Dream within a Dream and Tamerlane are big hitters.

The Iron Giant (Movie)

A gentle reminder you are who you choose to be, and I have chosen to make music.

With such a wide range of influences, Fletcher Gull has had his interesting blend of styles celebrated across BBC1 and CLASH in the UK, as well as triple j and Double J in Australia. Whether you’re one to get lost in your own thoughts or simply enjoy gentle melodies, Songs From Before is a record for you.

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