Exclusive Single Premiere: Space&Ages “Trial & Error” (2023)

Space & Ages Trial & Error

Meanjin indie-rockers Space&Ages are about to release their second song into the world, the sizzling “Trial & Error”. Continuing where they left off with their stellar debut, “High for Free”, the band is gifting us a song with a high-energy groove laden with guitar hooks, chest-bursting melodies and sweet harmonies. We are thrilled to be premiering “Trial & Error” ahead of its release on Friday.

The track explores the ups and downs of falling in love. It’s not always easy, but with Space&Age, it’s never seemed more like a winning proposition.

Lead singer Phin Spence writes, “‘Trial & Error’ explores the uncertain journey of finding love and the challenges that come with self-discovery. It’s about embracing the imperfections and growth that accompanies the process, even when it’s messy and uncertain.”

“Trial & Error” is a euphoric and passionate journey. With a chorus that will have you punching the air, a guitar solo that enthralls, and vivid lyrics that engage and amuse, Space&Ages sound like a band that have been around much longer than their two tracks. “Trial & Error” was produced by Brisbane’s Brock Weston (BUGS). I suspect they may have a love of northern English indie pop punk bands of the 90s and early 2000’s.

If you are in Brisbane, don’t miss the opportunity to catch Space&Ages at Greaser Bar on the 25th of November, when they will be launching the single. In the meantime, enjoy our premiere, and be sure to pre-save it HERE.

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