Brisbane’s Jacinta Lal shares her top 5 female MC’s

Jacinta Lal

Brisbane hip hop artist Jacinta Lal recently released her debut EP, Divya. This is a stellar debut for the talented young artist. Divya is a collection of songs showcasing courage and power. Upbeat, fierce and showing plenty of sass and personality, with this EP Jacinta has well and truly announced herself on the local hip hop scene.

Jacinta says of the record: “To me, DIVYA are the ones who dare to show the world their true colours. DIVYA are the ambitious who fiercely go after their dreams. DIVYA are the strong-hearted. This does not mean they are not vulnerable. To me, DIVYA are the soulful who have been mocked and have felt pain. Lots of it. But DIVYA are the stubborn ones who get up over and over again despite being knocked over every single time before.”

The EP was produced with engineers Harry Fox and James Angus in her hometown of Brisbane.


To celebrate the release of Divya, Jacinta has assembled a list of her top 5 favourite MC”s. Yes, Missy is there, but there are a couple of revelations as well. Do read on.





Missy Elliott

She is iconic and influential. Missy’s creativity is always entertaining. Whether it is her wacky outfits to her weird but interesting music videos, her vibe is unique and she just makes everything work together flawlessly.

Doja Cat

I like Doja Cat’s versatility with her vocals. In her album Hot Pink there are moments where she has a new tone or inflection which gets you thinking that it is somebody else. She is peppy but also soulful. Depending on the track, her tone can go from being ultra-soft and chill to almost frantic.


Besides her husky voice, dancing and obvious talent, Jessi’s personality has always stuck out to me. Born and brought up in New York, the rapper constantly defies Korean standards with her confident attitude and motivating lyrics. She just gives off boss vibes all year round.

Nicki Minaj

I started really listening to Nicki Minaj just before her Queen album. I really admire her strong deliveries, quirky lyrics, and energy she puts into her tracks.

Raja Kurami

The Indian-American rapper, singer, songwriter blends her Indian roots with her American upbringing. Her music is a sonic bridge between East and West that fuses the rhythms she absorbed as a trained classical Indian dancer with her love for hip-hop.




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