Perth’s Skyuka shares her top 4 Michael Cera movies and musical influences


“Michael Cera”  is the recently released and joyous ear-worm from Perth-based pop artist Skyuka. If you are wondering who Michael Cera is, he played George Michael Bluth in the Arrested Development series (amongst many other TV, film and theatre roles).

The track puts its hooks in on the first listen. It’s about unrequited love; a topic familiar to most no doubt. It’s about falling hard for the wrong person, and the frustration that goes with it. “Michael Cera” is upbeat, captivating, and loads of fun.

About the track, Skyuka writes: “When I wrote ‘Michael Cera’ I was listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend and just  really enjoying the playfulness of their earlier albums which influenced the writing process of this song. It felt refreshing to write something fun that people could clap and sing along to and have a laugh at, but still had a lot of heart.

I was basically telling myself I didn’t want to see this person anymore because of their  addictive tendencies…but at the same time I felt like a huge hypocrite as I was clearly addicted to them.” 

Do check out the video for the track. Her appreciation for Michael Cera becomes most evident. Heck, we’ve all had a celebrity crush or two haven’t we? Skyuka directed the video herself, and the videographer was Dylan Guy.



In helping us to getting to know Skyuka a little better, she has put together a list of some of her musical influences. And from an uber-fan, we’ve got Skyuka’s four favourite Michael Cera films.

Skyuka’s musical influences

Amy Winehouse

Amy has been a massive musical influence. I have always admired how honest and raw her lyrics are. Amy taught me how to be a brave lyricist.


Bjork has been a huge influence although I understand this is probably not reflected in my music. The thing I love about Bjork is the fact that she is so unique, and nobody sounds like her. There’s such a primal, unaffected quality to her voice which I love. She goes beyond the music and really delves into the art form in so many ways.

Vampire Weekend

The album Contra and Vampire Weekend were played a lot growing up but also recently I got back into them. I love their sense of fun, playfulness, tongue in cheek lyricism and how percussive those albums are.


I have always loved Grimes because not only is she an amazing song writer but I’ve always admired her production skills. I think it was Grimes who really empowered me to start producing my own music.

Taylor Swift

Ok Tay Tay has actually never been a musical influence but I’m including her on this list because I’ve been smashing the Midnights album recently and have been loving it. The songs follow the typical pop formula but are just written so damn well. The melody and rhythm of the song writing is just so strong.

Skyuka shares her top 4 Michael Cera Movies

Juno (Adorable Michael Cera)

Juno is one of those coming of age movies that has stuck with me for life. I just remember Elliot Page’s performance being absolutely incredible and loving the script and the quirkiness of the movie.

Superbad (Hilarious Michael Cera)

If you need a good chuckle and you have a silly sense of humour (like me) then you will love sku

Superbad. My favourite scene in the movie is when Michael Cera finds himself in a room with the wrong crowd. They mistakenly think he’s a singer and he is forced to sing (badly) to avoid what could be a threatening situation. It’s one of my favourite Michael Cera moments ever.

Scott Pilgrim (Kind of sexy Michael Cera)

Be prepared to take a trip down memory lane with this movie. Director Edgar Wright makes bold stylistic choices such as incorporating graphics throughout the movie. This reminds the viewer that it’s based on a series of graphic novels, and I really love this about the movie, there’s nothing else like it.

Arrested Development (Baby Michael Cera)

Ok I know this isn’t a movie but I feel I have to mention this as it’s one of the greatest shows ever made. It’s a witty comedy about a dysfunctional family and it has an absolutely stellar cast.

Michael Cera was just 15 years old when he filmed this and honestly even as a kid…his acting is amazing.


Justin Stewart Cotta

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