Day: 25 October 2021

Time Now skewers a tried and true narrative with a surprise unconventionality: Austin Film Festival review

A descent into grief and an examination on the affects of re-opening old wounds, Time Now, from writer/director Spencer King, is a tragic thriller that implements an unreliable narrator to maintain a certain intrigue as it navigates its central tragedy. Jenny (Eleanor Lambert, daughter of Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert) is feeling secluded and alone…

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Florian’s ultimate 80’s inspired birthday playlist

Last month, Sydney’s Florian released another sparkling pop song, this time being the shimmering “Seventeen”. 2021 has already been a year of quality releases for the talented singer/songwriter, with “Patrick Swayze” and “Yours & Mine” both making waves. “Seventeen” is tinged with an 80’s vibe, as she reflects on a younger version of herself,  with…

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The Card Counter is unsure of which narrative hand it wants to play: Brisbane International Film Festival review

Kenny Rogers so famously told us “You gotta know when to fold ’em”, and in The Card Counter writer/director Paul Schrader seems unsure as to which hand he wants to confidently play.  It’s not that this film is poorly made, nor is his commitment to the representation of desolation anything other than pure, but it’s…

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Swan Song proves an absolute joy to behold due to Udo Kier’s beautiful, vanity-free performance: Brisbane International Film Festival review

German character actor Udo Kier is so synonymous with villainy that his role in Swan Song appears all the more revelatory.  But given the actor’s own queer identification and penchant for theatrical performances, a character like his at the centre of Todd Stephens‘s gentle dramedy feels quite in tune with the actor’s aesthetic. Based on…

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