austin film festival

My Dead Dad is a deeply personal feeling film with an accessible personality: Austin Film Festival review

  When Lucas (Pedro Correa) learns that his father has passed away and subsequently left him an entire apartment complex in Los Angeles, he’s emotionally perturbed, to say the least.  Learning of such tragic news and such a vast inheritance in the one sitting would be enough for anyone to re-evaluate their existence, but given…

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Two Tickets to Mars embraces the pessimism and metaphysical questions that come with facing the end of the world: Austin Film Festival short film review

In these pandemic-driven times, the idea of inhabiting another planet sounds more and more appealing.  And with space travel now becoming somewhat generally accessible – sure, you have to be filthy rich, but it’s still a step up from it being exclusive to astronauts only – it stands to reason that such a concept could…

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Time Now skewers a tried and true narrative with a surprise unconventionality: Austin Film Festival review

A descent into grief and an examination on the affects of re-opening old wounds, Time Now, from writer/director Spencer King, is a tragic thriller that implements an unreliable narrator to maintain a certain intrigue as it navigates its central tragedy. Jenny (Eleanor Lambert, daughter of Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert) is feeling secluded and alone…

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