the AU interview at SXSW: Ball Park Music (Brisbane) talks new tunes, international touring, SXSW and Puddinghead

The AU review recently caught up with indie Pop/Rock band, Ball Park Music at SXSW. The Brisbane natives described the feeling of playing SXSW for the first time: “People who were watching who hadn’t necessarily seen us before seemed pretty happy with it” and told us of their last year spent in support of their most recent album, Puddinghead, “We’re pushing it further than the other [albums], taking it to Europe and the UK and really giving it a bit of a push there.”

the AU interview at SXSW: The Gooch Palms (Newcastle) talk The Zombies, hectic schedules and Australian pride

the AU review recently hung out with Leroy and Kat of The Gooch Palms at SXSW. The self proclaimed “shit-pop” band shared their love of English Rockers, “We’re going to go see The Zombies later today which are one of my and Kat’s favourite bands of all time” despite the difficulty the hectic SXSW schedule brings: “We only see bands at the showcases that we’re playing because otherwise we have to pack the van and go to the next show.”

the AU interview: Paul Mac (Sydney) talks about his long awaited new record "Holiday From Me" (out April 10th)

Editor Larry Heath caught up with Paul Mac in Sydney to talk about his new record, Holiday From Me. In this exclusive interview, Paul chats about the creative process behind the record, it was "ten years in the making... A lot of it started when I was touring, and was doing the Silverchair stuff with Powderfinger... I was trying to write one piece per town..." Living also played a major part in the creation of this album - "Mainly living... so you have something to write about... You know, having relationships, falling out of relationships, writing about the relationships..."

the AU interview: Microwave Jenny (Central Coast) on their latest EP, recording in London and touring with Sheppard

the AU review recently joined Tessa and Brendon of folk duo, Microwave Jenny for an interview in Surry Hills. The interview started on a dangerous note for a pregnant Tessa, “Don’t make me laugh, I’ll wet my pants!” and the pair explained how they found inspiration from JK Rowling in naming their latest work, Microwave Jenny and the Six Song EP, now available on iTunes, “We couldn’t think of a title and I love Harry Potter, so we thought ‘why not just go with how Harry Potter titles their books?’”

the AU interview: Delta Rae (North Carolina) talk new album "After It All", Byron Bay Bluesfest and loyal fans

Americana band Delta Rae from North Carolina stopped by the AU review head office for a chat about their expectations for Byron Bay Bluesfest, their new album After It All and their loyal fans. When asked about their first impressions of Sydney, the group replied: "We don't want to leave... that's going to be tough. So far so great. It's a beautiful city, it's huge and everyone here has been so nice to us. We're feeling very welcomed."

the AU interview at SXSW: Kate Boy (Sweden) on writing their debut record, 80's influences, and chasing equality

We’re standing on a crowded street in Austin, just outside the venue that only 15 minutes before had Kate Boy on stage, playing to a packed audience of enthusiastic punters, and keen industry ears. Keen, because the Stockholm-based electro pop band have been garnering some major buzz recently – including appreciative nods from influential sites Pitchfork and SPIN. The three members –Kate Akhurst (originally from Melbourne), Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, and Markus Dextegen, are bright-eyed and talkative as they outline plans for their upcoming debut album release, due out sometime in the middle of the year.

the AU interview: Craig Schuftan (Berlin/Sydney) talks The Philosophy of Disco

Ahead of his appearance at the Melbourne branch of The School of Life to give a talk on the history and philosophy of disco we caught up with ARIA award winning author, broadcaster and radio producer Craig Schuftan to get a crash course on all things Disco; and to find out why the much mocked genre is worth serious discussion.

Stumbled Upon #036 - Likewolf (Paris, France)

In our 36th installment of "Stumbled Upon", we meet Parisians Likewolf and chat about their upcoming EP Classic Ideals, learn how the band got started and find out how we can get our hands on their music...

the AU interview: Joshua Black Wilkins (Nashville) talks latest album, music progression and tour dreams

the AU review was lucky enough to chat to singer/songwriter Joshua Black Wilkins (Nashville) about his latest album Settling The Dust, which was released in August last year. We also discussed his progression from rockabilly, his influences and how his photography effects his music, as well as his hopes for an upcoming tour to Australia. Check out the full interview below.

the AU Interview: Brooke McClymont of The McClymonts (NSW) on songwriting, family and being on the road

Brooke McClymont is one third of the award-winning country trio, The McClymonts along with her two sisters Sam and Mollie. Currently on their Forever Begins Tonight tour and promoting their fourth studio album Here’s To You & I, Brooke speaks to us about song writing, keeping it in the family and being on the road.

the AU interview: Max Kerman of Arkells (Canada) talks Rock and Roll, touring, and Springsteen

As part of our On The Rocks feature, the AU review's Alex Houle caught up with Max Kerman, frontman of award-winning Canadian rock band, Arkells. Kerman shared with us his insightful opinion on the "death of Rock and Roll," chatted about his musical influences and latest album, High Noon, and explained why he might never tour in Australia.

the AU interview: Ryan Egan aka Ry (Melbourne) talks "Ivory Coast" EP!

Melbourne rapper Ry has been on the grind for a while now, and with the recent success of single "Gimme That" and the imminent release of EP Ivory Coast it won't be slowing down for him anytime soon. Ry is still somewhat of a mystery, so the AU review had a quick chat with him to find out more.

the AU interview: Elliott Hammond of The Delta Riggs talks Rock and Roll, Drugs, Foo Fighters, and Kanye West

As part of our On The Rocks feature yesterday, the AU review's, Alex Houle, recently caught up with Elliott Hammond, the opinionated singer of The Delta Riggs, to chat about their recent Foo Fighters tour, their latest album, Dipz Zebazios, and the current state of Rock and Roll. In this no holds barred interview, we get Hammond's opinion on the controversial Kanye West, Gene Simmons, Die Antwoord and Tom DeLonge's recent departure from Blink 182.

the AU interview at SXSW: July Talk (Canada) discuss writing new songs and playing shows in Australia

the AU review caught up with Canadian bluesy garage rockers July Talk at SXSW in Austin to chat about writing songs for their second album, playing new material at SXSW and what they love about Australia’s music scene – all while holding our two balloons in the shape of an ‘A’ and ‘U’. We should frame that...

the AU interview at SXSW: SAFIA (Canberra) talk new experiences, US reaction to their music and future plans

Aussie electronic/dance trio SAFIA chat to the AU review about their SXSW experience, the reactions to their music and their plans for after Austin. Doing a total of 6 shows at SXSW, the group said that so far, there'd been "a lot of sweating..." with the amount of running around they'd been doing.