the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Skegss (Byron Bay) on Toronto, New Music and getting booted out by Blur

Byron Bay outfit Skegss sat down with us while at The Aussie BBQ during Canadian Music Week to chat all things college parties, not caring about Blur and finding long lost motivation. With an EP recorded in the wake of an intrusion to their stay at Converse Studios New York, the boys are keen to kick back for a while and start touring again in a few months.

the AU interview at The Great Escape: Vök (Iceland) talk about their new EP "Circles" and more

Indie-electro trio, Vök had lots to say when they sat down and had a chat with Editor-in-Chief, Larry Heath during their run at The Great Escape. The three-piece were enthusiastic about the gloomy weather that was brought in Brighton, Sussex reminding them fondly of home, "I went for a walk in the rain and I immediately loved the city."

The AU Introduces Sydney Delong (Ontario): Talking at CMW on her progression as a musician and more...

In her first ever Australian interview, Larry Heath sat down indie-alternative musician, Sydney Delong during Canadian Music Week last month - and we're excited to present this interview as part of our new AU Introduces video series. The young, bright-eyed singer had a lot to say as where she was performing aligned with her officially starting adulthood, "I used to do the cafes - a little more of the casual stuff. This is my first kind of real 'adult' show," Delong continues. "I felt so grown up - I got to perform in front of grandparents and people that were older than me and people my age - it was awesome."

Stumbled Upon #054 - Archer Brady & The All Americans (New York, USA)

In our 54th instalment of "Stumbled Upon", we meet New York 's Archer Brady & The All Americans, and chat about his upcoming EP, Trucks & Guns, and get a sneak peak at his latest track “96 (F350)”.

the AU interview at Music Matters: Time Giant (Canada) talk playing abroad, global domination and more

the AU review's Johnny Au sits down with rock trio Time Giant from Canada at Music Matters in Singapore to talk playing abroad, global domination and more. On playing their first showcase at Music Matters, they said: "We wanted to start playing abroad a lot more, we played in the states and in Germany before - we had a really good invitation from the organizer, and we set up some meetings and thought... let's give it a shot."

the AU interview: Chris King of This Will Destroy You (USA) on instrumental music and its emotional impact.

For people that follow Rooster Teeth, animator and writer Monty Oum sadly passed away in February this year. Not only was Oum a workmate but he was also a beloved friend to the Rooster Teeth community. To commemorate his passing, the team made a beautiful tribute towards the end of this podcast video while using This Will Destroy You's "The Mighty Rio Grande" as background music - lets just say it touched the hearts of thousands of people.

the AU interview: Lou James of Alpine on the growth of band with the making of "Yuck" & more!

When Lou James from Alpine recalls the band being described previously as sweets in a Pick n Mix bag, I think back to the first time I saw the Melbourne act perform and the description was quite apt. A perfect blend of biting edge and fairy floss sweetness in the vocal partnership of Lou and Phoebe Baker, and as you look at the rest of the band, there's a vibrancy and multiple pop textures hitting you at any one time.

Hello Asia! @ YouTube FanFest Interview: Timothy Delaghetto (USA) talks about his channel and previous Australian visit

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au chats with YouTuber, comedian and hip hop artist Timothy DeLaGhetto in Singapore during the YouTube FanFest. With over 2.8 million followers on his YouTube channel, Timothy DeLaGhetto is a multi faceted entertainer and YouTuber. Johnny chats to Timothy DeLaGhetto about life as a YouTuber and his previous Australian visit.

Tour Diary: Ash Grunwald Surfs, Rides and Flies His Way to Toronto (Canada) via Singapore, Tokyo and LA

Setting off for CMW Toronto, Ash Grunwald encounters electric bicycles, cars, plenty of waves and the contrast of rural Nicaragua and the USA. He's shared these and more stories with us from his time over the pond. As well as a hint of his schedule to the end of the year and stopover in Singapore. Lets investigate....

the AU Interview: Normie Rowe (VIC) on music, fans and the importance of reality television

To celebrate fifty years since the release of “It Ain’t Necessarily So”, Normie Rowe brings FRENZY! - The 50th Anniversary Collection. The new album features 30 of his hits from 1965-1968 remastered for 2015. I spoke to Normie before he hits the road again for his album launch dates - which kick off today!